A tectonic shift in the Indian
Fitness Market:

Over the last few years, the anatomy of the fitness industry has changed dynamically.
What once used to be a topsy-turvy market with only a few people hitting the gyms has now changed forever. People from all age and income groups are becoming socially aware about the importance of health and fitness, this can especially be seen in the urban markets. People no longer perceive hitting the gym a luxury but a part of healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy food and becoming aware about the Nutritional value in it is now not considered as a trend but ritual.
According to studies by different fitness institutions of the Indian Fitness Services market there are six million active users in India who are spending on an average $350 to $400 annually towards fitness services, amounting to a whooping $2.6 billion market size and is only going on an upward line in the scale.
As the market is continuously growing, the expectations from the users has also seen a paramount shift. Individuals are willing to spend money only if they find the services provided worthy of it. Users now want amalgamations and variations in their workouts, they are looking for flexibility in choices. With Corporate employees working at odd hours they want to workout according to their convenience. They are no longer satisfied with the regular old gymming and to keep up with the expectations of the users the industry is coming up with innovative ways to hook them.

Keeping in mind, the expectations of the users and their need for heterogeneity. The industry is slowly going digital, it is not always possible for one to go to the training center so the best solution is do it from home and this was a mega success for the industry as a whole. So, many industry experts have come forward and areforming new age applications which help users achieve their fitness goal.
One such unique application I came across is - BWOW. Though in its infancy stage it shows tremendous potential. The application is an online training portal having a range of world class experts from different fields to choose. Be it zumba, yoga or strength exercises its got it all but at the same time it is a social media platform where you can connect with like minded people and share your journeys this helps to pump motivation all around. Also, they have an e-commerce section where you can shop all products related to health and fitness with a guarantee of hundred percent authenticity — straight from the brand to the end user.

The Application is available on both - play store and app store. Its just the beginning of their journey and they hope to become the face of fitness industry in the country. So do check it out for yourself
and share your reviews. Link shared below.

Link: https://bwow.fit/

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