Break your bad habits you picked
this pandemic.

When we cheered our glasses to 2020 last December, I bet no one thought we were going to spend almost the whole year indoors, owing to a pandemic.
2020 came with a bag full of surprises, some sweet and some really bitter but as individuals we learned and started adapting with every situation thrown our way.

Staying at home was an eye opener for everyone on the planet — we realised how much we are dependent on others in our daily lives, how important hygiene is and that happiness is self — created but in this rollercoaster journey
called 2020 we surely did pick some bad habits too.

1. No proper schedule — The concept of Work From Home did change our lives quite literally.
People have forwent their schedules and the lines have blurred between work and family. With office employees working all the time, quality family time has become non-existent. Research says, following a schedule helps people to cope up and maintains stability in life.

2. Stress eating — 2020 sure did help us to update our vocabulary with tons of new words! Staying home does get stressful after a point so we turn to our refrigerators and make our way through tubs of ice creams and all other kinds of junk food. Also, with everyone becoming a chef in their own kitchens has done more harm than good.

3. Skipping Workouts — Sitting at home sure has sucked out all the motivation out of us, most of us in the lockdown phase had no proper schedule so we ended up delaying our workouts besides its so comfortable in pyjamas that no one ever wanted to go back to tights or worse even, jeans.

4. Increase in Screen time — It has become a ritual to open our socials the first thing in the morning. It has been concluded that screen time has increased drastically in 2020. Every one from kids to adults have been spending more time on their electronic devices. This has increased the risk of myopia.

5. Obesity — Binge watching shows on Netflix and other platforms has become the prime source of entertainment this year and with no fixed schedule and loss of motivation to workout people have gained weight. Our waist sizes are slowly increasing and because we opt on wearing pyjamas rather than yoga pants its hard to notice those extra pounds.

Sitting at home we never realised how fast the year went by! 2020 sure taught us a lot but now its time to take those lessons ahead with us and leave these habits behind.

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